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John E. Gutbezahl, Former Prosecutor In Oregon And Washington

It is never too early to obtain a lawyer. If you have been or are being investigated or have been arrested your liberty is at stake.The government has police officers, investigators, experts and prosecutors working for it . . . Protect yourself by obtaining counsel that has over nine years as a prosecutor and three years as a defense lawyer . . . I will work for you at all stages, including but not limited to investigation, court hearings, negotiations, disposition and trial . . .

When Selecting A Criminal Defense Attorney, Keep These Key Points In Mind. You Need Someone Who Possesses The Following

  • 9 years experience as a prosecutor so can identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case
  • Extensive knowledge about cases just like yours
  • Connections within the court system
  • Courtroom experience backed by years of true involvement
  • Expertise in a wide variety of crimes
  • An extensive track record of positive outcomes
  • An attitude and skill set to persuade a jury, attorney or judge
  • Home/Jail visits made available by convenient location
  • Hundreds of clients who have been glad they chose John

Lake Oswego criminal defense lawyer, John E. Gutbezahl and his qualified team possess all these traits and will fight relentlessly on your behalf!

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