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We take a “fix it right the first time” approach.

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc services the greater Portland metro area. We are your one stop shop contractor for everything fireplace. We start by performing NFPA 211 inspections and cleaning service. Then we take the time to educate you about the history of your home related to your fireplace. We provide the highest quality inspections by getting in the attic, crawlspace and taking at least 25-30 high resolution photos and a video camera inspection of the interior firewall as necessary. All to ensure your education of three vital aspects of a chimney in the PNW.

Fireplace and Chimney Services

As a full-service contractor, Portland Fireplace and Chimney, Inc. has expertise across all trades of Chimney repair, fireplace inspections, masonry, historic restoration, and more

Fix Leaky Chimneys

  • Masonry chimney repair and rebuild 
  • Chimney chase siding repair and rebuild 
  • Roofing and flashing repair 
  • Proper full coverage chimney caps
  • Water seal treatment and painting 

Fix Drafty Fireplaces

  • Damper repair and replacement 
  • Smoking fireplaces, not drafting all the smoke
  • Cracked firebox repair and rebuild 
  • Poor fireplace construction and design 
  • Proper thermal insulation 
  • Proper chimney flue lining 
  • Retrofit high-heat production fireplaces 

Fireplace Designs and Remodeling

  • Wood fireplace conversions
  • High-efficiency wood fireplace systems
  • Wood stoves
  • Wood inserts
  • wood fireplace retrofits
  • Masonry heater installations

We Convert Fireplaces

Everyone wants something different and we do it all!

  • Wood fireplace conversions
  • High-efficiency wood fireplace systems
  • Gas fireplace conversions
  • Pellet fireplace conversions
  • Bio flame ETHANOL conversions
  • Electric fireplace conversions

NFPA Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

Inspecting your fireplace and chimney is essential to keeping them running properly and safely. Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc performs NFPA Level 2 Fireplace and Chimney inspections.

Chimney Rebuild, Full Construction

We can build or rebuild a chimney from the ground up.

  • Full chimney removal 
  • Full chimney replacement 
  • Full chimney addition interior/ outdoor living 
  • Chimney seismic retrofit 

Wood Stoves and Inserts

Portland Fireplace and Chimney Inc. offers a great selection of wood stoves, fireplace inserts, glass doors and more! Our certified technicians can help you choose the appliance that’s right for you and your family’s needs.

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