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Are you already approved for special financing programs offering 100% Financing like USDA Home Loans or VA Home Loans? Or maybe you need Owner Financing or looking for Private Money!  Below are options for terms being offered on the current homes on the market.  Some properties don't allow certain financing due to the condition of the property, or maybe the seller isn't offering it or is just unaware that the home could be financed with a little work.  Special programs like USDA are location-based and usually outside the Metro Area.  If you are not pre-approved yet or have any questions about your options, please speak with one of our team members so we can go over your goals and see which one is right for you. Usually, if you are approved for one type of loan, there are ways to help you with others and we know the right questions to ask your lender. If you don't have a lender, please consider working with one of our preferred lenders!

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